GlycomeDB - a unified database for carbohydrate structures

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GlycomeDB - a unified database for carbohydrate structures
GlycomeDB integrates the structural and taxonomic data of all major public carbohydrate databases, as well as carbohydrates contained in the Protein Data Bank, which renders the database currently the most comprehensive and unified resource for carbohydrate structures worldwide. GlycomeDB retains the links to the original databases and is updated at weekly intervals with the newest structures available from the source databases. The complete database can be downloaded freely or accessed through a Web-interface ( that provides flexible and powerful search functionalities.
René Ranzinger, Stephan Herget, Claus-Wilhe
Added 16 Sep 2011
Updated 16 Sep 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where NAR
Authors René Ranzinger, Stephan Herget, Claus-Wilhelm von der Lieth, Martin Frank
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