Goal-Based Visualization and Browsing for Semantic Web Services

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Goal-Based Visualization and Browsing for Semantic Web Services
Abstract. We present a goal-based approach for visualizing and browsing the search space of available Web services. A goal describes an obthat a client wants to solve by using Web services, abstracting from the technical details. Our visualization technique is based on a graph structure that organizes goal templates – i.e. generic and reusable objective descriptions – with respect to their semantic similarity, and keeps the relevant knowledge on the available Web services for solving them. This graph is generated automatically from the results of semantically enabled Web service discovery. In contrast to existing tools that categorize the available Web services on the basis of certain description elements, our tool allows clients to browse available Web services on the level of problems that can be solved by them and therewith to better understand the structure as well as the available resources in a domain. This paper explains the theoretic foundations of the approach and presents...
Michael Stollberg, Mick Kerrigan
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Updated 04 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WISE
Authors Michael Stollberg, Mick Kerrigan
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