A goal-oriented web browser

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A goal-oriented web browser
Many users are familiar with the interesting but limited functionality of Data Detector interfaces like Microsoft's Smart Tags and Google's AutoLink. In this paper we significantly expand the breadth and functionality of this type of user interface through the use of large-scale knowledge bases of semantic information. The result is a Web browser that is able to generate personalized semantic hypertext, providing a goal-oriented browsing experience. We present (1) Creo, a Programming by Example system for the Web that allows users to create a general-purpose procedure with a single example, and (2) Miro, a Data Detector that matches the content of a page to high-level user goals. An evaluation with 34 subjects found that they were more efficient using our system, and that the subjects would use features like these if they were integrated into their Web browser. Author Keywords Goal-oriented design, Programming by Example, Data Detectors, context aware computing, software age...
Alexander Faaborg, Henry Lieberman
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CHI
Authors Alexander Faaborg, Henry Lieberman
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