Going my way: a user-aware route planner

11 years 6 months ago
Going my way: a user-aware route planner
Going My Way is a mobile user-aware route planner. The system collects GPS data of a user's everyday locations and provides directions from an automatically selected set of landmarks that are close to the destination, informed by the user's usual travel patterns. In this paper, we present a brief description of the system, the results of a preliminary experiment in memory and recognition of landmarks, in addition to the results of a user evaluation of the system. Author Keywords Personalized information, GPS, direction, navigation, location awareness, personal landmarks, mobile computing, context awareness ACM Classification Keywords H.5.2 [Information Interfaces and Presentation]: User Interfaces ? User-centered design.
Jaewoo Chung, Chris Schmandt
Added 24 Nov 2009
Updated 24 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CHI
Authors Jaewoo Chung, Chris Schmandt
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