The Google Muni Wifi Network--Can it Compete with Cellular Voice?

9 years 1 months ago
The Google Muni Wifi Network--Can it Compete with Cellular Voice?
Muni WiFi deployments have been widely covered by the media during the last two years. However, the economical feasibility and performance of such deployments as an alternative for voice services has not been proven. In this paper we measure the voice performance and coverage of the Google network. Then we evaluate the economical feasibility versus cellular deployments. The results show that providing a good service level for voice requires a much more expensive investment. Thus, Google’s network is not a competitor for cellular voice. In the current deployment, VoIP is possible only in static scenarios and coverage across the city is not adequate except for the downtown area. For this reason, even though it is possible to use VoIP services in certain locations, the voice quality is far from optimal except for areas with excellent signal conditions. Unfortunately, such areas are rare. Likewise, access points are not densely deployed and lack coverage overlapping. Therefore, it is no...
Andres Arjona, Sami Takala
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where AICT
Authors Andres Arjona, Sami Takala
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