Gradient boosting for kernelized output spaces

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Gradient boosting for kernelized output spaces
A general framework is proposed for gradient boosting in supervised learning problems where the loss function is defined using a kernel over the output space. It extends boosting in a principled way to complex output spaces (images, text, graphs etc.) and can be applied to a general class of base learners working in kernelized output spaces. Empirical results are provided on three problems: a regression problem, an image completion task and a graph prediction problem. In these experiments, the framework is combined with tree-based base learners, which have interesting algorithmic properties. The results show that gradient boosting significantly improves these base learners and provides competitive results with other tree-based ensemble methods based on randomization.
Florence d'Alché-Buc, Louis Wehenkel, Pierr
Added 17 Nov 2009
Updated 17 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where ICML
Authors Florence d'Alché-Buc, Louis Wehenkel, Pierre Geurts
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