Gradient Vector Flow Fast Geodesic Active Contours

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Gradient Vector Flow Fast Geodesic Active Contours
This paper proposes a new front propagation flow for boundary extraction. The proposed framework is inspired by the geodesic active contour model and leads to a paradigm that is relatively free from the initial curve position. Towards this end, it makes use of a recently introduced external boundary force, the gradient vector field that refers to a spatial diffusion of the boundary information. According to the proposed flow, the traditional boundary attraction term is replaced with a new force that guides the propagation to the object boundaries from both sides. This new geometric flow is implemented using a level set approach, thereby allowing dealing naturally with topological changes and important shape deformations. Moreover, the level set motion equations are implemented using a recently introduced numerical approximation scheme, the Additive Operator Splitting Schema (AOS) which has a fast convergence rate and stable behavior. Encouraging experimental results are provided using...
Nikos Paragios, Olivier Mellina-Gottardo, Visvanat
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where ICCV
Authors Nikos Paragios, Olivier Mellina-Gottardo, Visvanathan Ramesh
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