Graph Algebras for Bigraphs

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Graph Algebras for Bigraphs
In this talk we will present a new approach to deal with attributed graphs and attributed graph transformation. The approach is based on working with what we call symbolic graphs, which are graphs labelled with variables together with formulas that constrain the possible values that we may assign to these variables. In particular, we will see several advantages of using this new approach. 10:3011:00 Break 11:0012:30 Session on Foundations (Chair: Reiko Heckel) Maarten de Mol and Arend Rensink. A Graph Representation for Ordered Edges. Davide Grohmann and Marino Miculan. Graph Algebras for Bigraphs. Christoph Blume, Sander Bruggink, and Barbara K
Davide Grohmann, Marino Miculan
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Year 2010
Authors Davide Grohmann, Marino Miculan
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