A graphical computer simulator for systems programming courses

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A graphical computer simulator for systems programming courses
on through abstract instructions which approximate, but do not duplicate, the behavior of actual machines. Because they are designed for use in a variety of educational settings, CSTS often are supported across a range of computer systems. The SICSIM program [6], for example, is written in standard Pascal and has been installed on such diverse platforms as VAX/VMS, MSDOS, and UNIX. Unlike computer-assisted instructional tools in other disciplines, however, existing CSTS employ only the most rudimentary user interface mechanisms. They rely on typed commands for input and, with few exceptions, provide only a single text-based output stream (CPU SIM and other Macintosh-baaed systems make use of multiple windows, but their contents are purely textual). Tutorial facilities are noticeably lacking, and online help is limited to terse explanations of comrnandl syntax. In the systems programming course at Auburn University, we employ the SICSIM simulator, developed by Leland Beck to accompany E...
Mark Newsome, Cherri M. Pancake
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Type Conference
Year 1992
Authors Mark Newsome, Cherri M. Pancake
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