Grid Monitoring and Market Risk Management

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Grid Monitoring and Market Risk Management
—With the rapid development of the electricity market, both grid and market operations need to be carefully coordinated and monitored in real time. This paper focuses on system monitoring and alarm processing and the use of those alarms for economic decision in the electricity markets. The task of an Intelligent Economic Alarm Processor (IEAP) is to analyze thousands of alarm messages and extract useful information that explains cause-effect sequences associated with the network events. A graphical Fuzzy Reasoning Petri-nets (FRPN) model is built in this paper based on the optimal structure and uses fuzzy logic parameters to effectively tackle the uncertainties. Because alarms are informational and advisory in nature, the economic alarm processor module takes advantage of the fault event signal, analyzes the impact on the market activities, and gives recommendations to optimize the total economic impact under fault scenarios. Keywords- Alarm Processing, Artificial Intelligent Techniq...
Yufan Guan, Mladen Kezunovic
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Updated 28 Aug 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Authors Yufan Guan, Mladen Kezunovic
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