Grid Service Discovery with Rough Sets

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Grid Service Discovery with Rough Sets
The computational grid is rapidly evolving into a service-oriented computing infrastructure that facilitates resource sharing and large-scale problem solving over the Internet. Service discovery becomes an issue of vital importance in utilizing grid facilities. This paper presents ROSSE, a Rough sets-based search engine for grid service discovery. Building on the Rough sets theory, ROSSE is novel in its capability to deal with the uncertainty of properties when matching services. In this way, ROSSE can discover the services that are most relevant to a service query from a functional point of view. Since functionally matched services may have distinct nonfunctional properties related to the quality of service (QoS), ROSSE introduces a QoS model to further filter matched services with their QoS values to maximize user satisfaction in service discovery. ROSSE is evaluated from the aspects of accuracy and efficiency in discovery of computing services.
Maozhen Li, Bin Yu, Omer F. Rana, Zidong Wang
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Updated 15 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where TKDE
Authors Maozhen Li, Bin Yu, Omer F. Rana, Zidong Wang
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