Group Activity Selection from Ordinal Preferences

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Group Activity Selection from Ordinal Preferences
: The minisum and the minimax rules are two different rules for the election of a committee considered by Brams, Kilgour, and Sanver. As input they assume approval ballots from the voters. The first rule elects those committees which minimize the sum of the Hamming distances to the votes, the second one elects those committees with the smallest maximum Hamming distance to an individual vote. We extend this approach of measuring the dissatisfaction in committee elections to different forms of ballots, i.e., trichotomous votes, complete and incomplete linear orders. To measure the dissatisfaction we will use a modified Hamming distance, ranksums, and a modified Kemeny distance. In addition we study the computational complexity of winner determination for these rules. 9:50–10:10 Andreas Darmann, University of Graz Group activity selection from ordinal preferences : We consider the situation in which group activities need to be organized for a set of agents when each agent can take ...
Andreas Darmann
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