Growing a Build Management System from Seed

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Growing a Build Management System from Seed
This paper describes the authors’ experiences creating a full Build Management System from a simple Version Control System. We will explore how the XP values of simplicity, feedback, communication, courage and respect play into making a system that provides the developers, testers and customer with excellent value showing how various XP principles (like Baby Steps and Mutual Benefit) come into play. We will also demonstrate how we are able to remain true to our XP values while still achieving ISO 90012001 and CMM Level II certifications. Finally, we compare the Build Management System with other systems we have encountered that were not developed in accordance with XP values. The Soil – Project Background The main project that we will examine happened when NOLA Computer Services, Inc. wanted to expand beyond its traditional service offerings into the commercial software realm. This project started with two developers and one customer and grew to twelve developers. When the project...
Narti Kitiyakara, Joseph Graves
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Narti Kitiyakara, Joseph Graves
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