Guided Image Filtering

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Guided Image Filtering
Abstract. In this paper, we propose a novel type of explicit image filter - guided filter. Derived from a local linear model, the guided filter generates the filtering output by considering the content of a guidance image, which can be the input image itself or another different image. The guided filter can perform as an edge-preserving smoothing operator like the popular bilateral filter [1], but has better behavior near the edges. It also has a theoretical connection with the matting Laplacian matrix [2], so is a more generic concept than a smoothing operator and can better utilize the structures in the guidance image. Moreover, the guided filter has a fast and non-approximate linear-time algorithm, whose computational complexity is independent of the filtering kernel size. We demonstrate that the guided filter is both effective and efficient in a great variety of computer vision and computer graphics applications including noise reduction, detail smoothing/enhancement, HD...
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Year 2010
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