Guiding Visual Surveillance by Tracking Human Attention

10 years 11 months ago
Guiding Visual Surveillance by Tracking Human Attention
We describe a novel method for directing the attention of an automated surveillance system. Our starting premise is that the attention of people in a scene can be used as an indicator of interesting areas and events. To determine people’s attention from passive visual observations we develop a system for automatic tracking and detection of individual heads to infer their gaze direction. The former is achieved by combining a histogram of oriented gradient (HOG) based head detector with frame-to-frame tracking using multiple point features to provide stable head images. The latter is achieved using a head pose classification method which uses randomised ferns with decision branches based on both HOG and colour based features to determine a coarse gaze direction for each person in the scene. By building both static and temporally varying maps of areas where people look we are able to identify interesting regions.
Ben Benfold and Ian Reid
Added 01 Jun 2011
Updated 01 Jun 2011
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where BMVC
Authors Ben Benfold and Ian Reid
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