Hackathons as an Informal Learning Platform

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Hackathons as an Informal Learning Platform
Hackathons are fast-paced events where competitors work in teams to go from an idea to working software or hardware within a single day or a weekend and demonstrate their creation to a live audience of peers. Due to the “fun” and informal nature of such events, they make for excellent informal learning platforms that attract a diverse spectrum of students, especially those typically uninterested in traditional classroom settings. In this paper, we investigate the informal learning aspects of Ohio State’s annual hackathon events over the past two years, with over 100 student participants in 2013 and over 200 student participants in 2014. Despite the competitive nature of such events, we observed a significant amount of peer-learning – students teaching each other how to solve specific challenges and learn new skills. The events featured mentors from both the university and industry, who provided round-the-clock hands-on support, troubleshooting and advice. Due to the gamifie...
Arnab Nandi, Meris Mandernach
Added 09 Apr 2016
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Type Journal
Year 2016
Authors Arnab Nandi, Meris Mandernach
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