Handling Audio and Video Streams in a Distributed Environment

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Handling Audio and Video Streams in a Distributed Environment
Handling audio and video in a digital environment requires timely delivery of data. This paper describes the principles adopted in the design of the Pandora networked multi-media system. They attempt to give the user the best possible service while dealing with error and overload conditions. Pandora uses a sub-system to handle the multi-media peripherals. It uses transputers and associated Occam code to implement the time critical functions. Stream implementation is based on self-contained segments of data containing information for delivery, synchronisation and error recovery. Decoupling buffers are used to allow concurrent operation of multiple processing elements. Clawback buffers are used to resynchronise streams at their destinations with minimum latency. The system has proved robust in normal use, under overload, and in the presence of errors. It has been in use for a number of years. The principles involved in this design are now being used in the development of two complementa...
Alan Jones, Andrew Hopper
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Type Conference
Year 1993
Where SOSP
Authors Alan Jones, Andrew Hopper
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