Handling Multimedia Data for Mobile Computers

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Handling Multimedia Data for Mobile Computers
Mobile clients have unusual needs for sending and receiving multimedia data. The traditional client/server paradigm does not take into account variable network conditions; thus traditional client/server applications have no capability to respond to intermittent connectivity, changing cost structures, or the kind of uctuations in available bandwidth which are characteristic of wireless links. Two approaches towards allowing such adaptations are presented for comparison: proxies, and modi cations to client and server. 1 Proxies There are two approaches evolving to handle the new problems presented by mobile computers when they need to send or receive multimediadata. One approach is to create an intermediary known as a proxy. This is especially popular for applications such as Web browsers, where there is no particular need to maintain lengthy connections between client and server 1]. With a proxy, the client can essentially post a request and return at some later time to acquire the res...
Charles E. Perkins
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Year 1996
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