Hard real-time: C++ versus RTSJ

12 years 3 months ago
Hard real-time: C++ versus RTSJ
In the domain of hard real-time systems, which language is better: C++ or the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ)? Although standard Java provides a more productive programming environment than C++ due to automatic memory management, that benefit does not apply to RTSJ when using NoHeapRealtimeThread and non-heap memory areas. As a result, RTSJ programmers must manage non-heap memory explicitly. Although that’s a common practice in real-time applications, it’s also a common source of programmer error, regardless of language. In an ironic role reversal, this paper shows that C++ is able to provide a safer programming environment than RTSJ (or C) for managing memory in a hard-real-time producer/consumer pattern. C++ accomplishes this via a reference-counting pointer. RTSJ (and C) cannot provide an equivalent mechanism because it lacks the necessary language features. Despite other attractive features of RTSJ, the relative simplicity and safety of the C++ programming model for th...
Daniel L. Dvorak, William K. Reinholtz
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Updated 02 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Daniel L. Dvorak, William K. Reinholtz
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