HCI and creative problem-solving at Lancaster

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HCI and creative problem-solving at Lancaster
The Creative Problem-Solving Research Group (CPSRG) at Lancaster University is a collaboration between psychologists and computer scientists conducting research into creativity, problem-solving and design at the interface between humans and computer systems. Our aim is to develop theoretical understandings and practical interventions that address how creative individuals and groups manage conflicting demands of novelty and divergent thinking versus constraint, domain relevance and minimization of task load. Current projects include creative design in virtual and ubiquitous environments, developing methodologies for inspirational design, and impacts of expert reasoning on creative problem-solving. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.2.8 [Problem Solving, Control, Methods, and Search]: Heuristic Methods. I.5.2 [Design Methodology]. H.5 [Information Interfaces and Presentation] General Terms Management, Design, Experimentation, Human Factors. Keywords Creativity, problem solving, design...
Thomas C. Ormerod, Linden J. Ball, Alan J. Dix, Co
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Thomas C. Ormerod, Linden J. Ball, Alan J. Dix, Corina Sas
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