HERA: Automatically Generating Hypermedia Front-ends

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HERA: Automatically Generating Hypermedia Front-ends
The generation of hypermedia (or Web-based) presentations plays an important role in information management on the World Wide Web. In applications for Web modeling and querying, information extraction and integration, or Web site construction and restructuring the generation of hypermedia aspects for given data is essential. Specifically, the design of dynamic Web pages is an issue that needs more research. The HERA research project aims at developing software that generates hypermedia presentations for (semi-structured) data retrieved from heterogeneous, legacy information sources. While traditionally the target applications use relational databases, their Web-based successors integrate information from both database and nondatabase information sources. In this paper we propose key functional aspects of the HERA software architecture. We thus identify relevant issues concerning the integration involved in automatically generating hypermedia front-ends for data from heterogeneous infor...
Geert-Jan Houben
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Geert-Jan Houben
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