Hierarchical Optimization of Asynchronous Circuits

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Hierarchical Optimization of Asynchronous Circuits
Abstract— Many asynchronous designs are naturally specified and implemented hierarchically as an interconnection of separate asynchronous modules that operate concurrently and communicate with each other. This paper is concerned with the problem of synthesizing such hierarchically defined systems. When the individual components are synthesized and implemented separately, it is desirable to take into account the degrees of freedom that arise from the interactions with the other components and from the specification. Specifically, we consider how one can find the set of implementations that can be “correctly substituted” for a component in the system while preserving the behavior of the total system. The notion of correct substitution is formally defined for a hierarchical network of possibly non-deterministic modules and a new solution framework based on trace theory is presented to compute and represent this complete set of correct substitutions. We show that the complete s...
Bill Lin, Gjalt G. de Jong, Tilman Kolks
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Type Conference
Year 1995
Where DAC
Authors Bill Lin, Gjalt G. de Jong, Tilman Kolks
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