Hierarchical summarization of large documents

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Hierarchical summarization of large documents
mation science has shown that human abstractors extract sentences for summaries based on the hierarchical structure of documents; however, the existing automatic summarization models do not take into account the stractor's behavior of sentence extraction and only consider the document as a sequence of sentences during the process of extraction of sentences as a summary. In general, a document exhibits a well-defined hierarchical structure that can be described as fractals-mathematical objects with a high degree of redundancy. In this article, we introduce the fractal summarization model based on the fractal theory. The important information is captured from the source document by exploring the hierarchical structure and salient features of the document. A condensed version of the document that is informatively close to the source document is produced iteratively using the contractive transformation in the fractal theory. The fractal summarization model is the first attempt to appl...
Christopher C. Yang, Fu Lee Wang
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Updated 13 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Christopher C. Yang, Fu Lee Wang
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