Hierarchies of Sensing and Control in Visually Guided Agents

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Hierarchies of Sensing and Control in Visually Guided Agents
The capability of perceiving the environment is crucial for advancing the level of autonomy and sophistication of (semi)autonomous robotic systems and determines the complexity of the tasks robotics agents can achieve. This article reviews some techniques as well as challenges shared by many applications which use visual sensing to guide the action of the robotic agent and require coordination between multiple agents. In order to support hierarchical view of such systems sensing both in the context of low-level control as well as planning and coordination between multiple mobile agents will be considered. Several examples of the design and analysis of these hierarchical hybrid systems will be outlined in the context of Intelligent Highways, namely autonomous driving and coordination between multiple vehicle and mobile robot navigation in indoors man made environments.
Jana Kosecka
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Year 2000
Authors Jana Kosecka
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