High velocity refactorings in Eclipse

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High velocity refactorings in Eclipse
In Eclipse, and in most other development environments, refactorings are activated by selecting code, then using a menu or hotkey, and finally engaging in a dialog with a "wizard". However, selection is error-prone, menus are slow, hotkeys are hard to remember, and wizards are time-consuming. The problem is that as a consequence, refactoring tools disrupt the programmer's workflow and are perceived to be slower than refactoring by hand. In this paper we present two new user interfaces to Eclipse's existing refactoring engine: marking menus and refactoring cues. Both are designed to increase programming velocity by keeping the tool out of the programmer's way. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.2.3 [Software Engineering]: Coding Tools and Techniques; D.2.6 [Software Engineering]: Programming Environments. General Terms Design, Reliability, Human Factors Keywords Refactoring, tools, usability, environments
Emerson R. Murphy-Hill, Andrew P. Black
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Emerson R. Murphy-Hill, Andrew P. Black
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