Highly-Available, Fault-Tolerant, Parallel Dataflows

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Highly-Available, Fault-Tolerant, Parallel Dataflows
We present a technique that masks failures in a cluster to provide high availability and fault-tolerance for long-running, parallelized dataflows. We can use these dataflows to implement a variety of continuous query (CQ) applications that require high-throughput, 24x7 operation. Examples include network monitoring, phone call processing, click-stream processing, and online financial analysis. Our main contribution is a scheme that carefully integrates traditional query processing techniques for partitioned parallelism with the process-pairs approach for high availability. This delicate integration allows us to tolerate failures of portions of a parallel dataflow without sacrificing result quality. Upon failure, our technique provides quick fail-over, and automatically recovers the lost pieces on the fly. This piecemeal recovery provides minimal disruption to the ongoing dataflow computation and improved reliability as compared to the straight-forward application of the process-pairs ...
Mehul A. Shah, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Eric A. Brew
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Mehul A. Shah, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Eric A. Brewer
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