How to Break Access Control in a Controlled Manner

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How to Break Access Control in a Controlled Manner
The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integrates heterogeneous information within a Healthcare Institution stressing the need for security and access control. The Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Department from Porto Faculty of Medicine has recently implemented a Virtual EMR (VEMR) in order to integrate patient information and clinical reports within a university hospital. With more than 500 medical doctors using the system on a daily basis, an access control policy and model were implemented. However, the healthcare environment has unanticipated situations (i.e. emergency situations) where access to information is essential. Most traditional policies do not allow for overriding. A policy that allows for “Break-The-Glass (BTG)” was implemented in order to override access control whilst providing for non-repudiation mechanisms for its usage. The policy was easily integrated within the model confirming its modularity and the fact that user intervention in defining security proce...
Ana Ferreira, Ricardo João Cruz Correia, Lu
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CBMS
Authors Ana Ferreira, Ricardo João Cruz Correia, Luis Antunes 0002, Pedro Farinha, E. Oliveira-Palhares, David W. Chadwick, Altamiro da Costa Pereira
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