How much anonymity does network latency leak?

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How much anonymity does network latency leak?
Low-latency anonymity systems such as Tor, AN.ON, Crowds, and aim to provide anonymous connections that are both untraceable by “local” adversaries who control only a few machines, and have low enough delay to support anonymous use of network services like web browsing and remote login. One consequence of these goals is that these services leak some information about the network latency between the sender and one or more nodes in the system. This paper reports on three experiments that partially measure the extent to which such leakage can compromise anonymity. First, using a public dataset of pairwise roundtrip times (RTTs) between 2000 Internet hosts, we estimate that on average, knowing the network location of host A and the RTT to host B leaks 3.64 bits of information about the network location of B. Second, we describe an attack that allows a pair of colluding web sites to predict, based on local timing information and with no additional resources, whether two ...
Nicholas Hopper, Eugene Y. Vasserman, Eric Chan-Ti
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CCS
Authors Nicholas Hopper, Eugene Y. Vasserman, Eric Chan-Tin
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