Human + agent: creating recombinant information

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Human + agent: creating recombinant information
combinFormation is a tool that enables browsing and collecting information elements in a generative space. By generative, we mean that the tool is an agent that automatically retrieves information elements and visually composes them. A combinFormation session presents a dynamic, evolving recombination of information elements from different sources. The elements are manipulable in the information space. Recombination is the process of taking previously unconnected elements, and combining them to create new configurations. One purpose of this space is to support the formation of ideas, through more and less focused processes of foraging. While ideas are forming, the criteria that underlie information foraging activities may not be well defined. Collecting the specific subset of related information elements is challenging. Cognitive scientists have established that combinations of images and textual elements are examples of preinventive structures that can lead to the emergence of new id...
Andruid Kerne, Vikram Sundaram, Jin Wang, Madhur K
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where MM
Authors Andruid Kerne, Vikram Sundaram, Jin Wang, Madhur Khandelwal, J. Michael Mistrot
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