The human infrastructure of cyberinfrastructure

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The human infrastructure of cyberinfrastructure
Despite their rapid proliferation, there has been little examination of the coordination and social practices of cyberinfrastructure projects. We use the notion of "human infrastructure" to explore how human and organizational arrangements share properties with technological infrastructures. We conducted an 18-month ethnographic study of a large-scale distributed biomedical cyberinfrastructure project and discovered that human infrastructure is shaped by a combination of both new and traditional team and organizational structures. Our data calls into question a focus on distributed teams as the means for accomplishing distributed work and we argue for using human infrastructure as an alternative perspective for understanding how distributed collaboration is accomplished in big science. Categories and Subject Descriptors K.4.3 [Organizational Impacts]: Computer-supported collaborative work; J.3 [Life and Medical Sciences] Keywords Cyberinfrastructure, Infrastructure, Teams, C...
Charlotte P. Lee, Paul Dourish, Gloria Mark
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CSCW
Authors Charlotte P. Lee, Paul Dourish, Gloria Mark
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