Hybrid argumentation and its properties

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Hybrid argumentation and its properties
Abstract. We present a variant of AB-dispute derivations for assumption-based argumentation (ABA), that can be used for determining the admissibility of claims. ABA reduces the problem of computing arguments to the problem of computing assumptions supporting these arguments. Whereas the original AB-dispute derivations only manipulate sets of assumptions, our variant also renders explicit the underlying dialectical structure of arguments (by a proponent) and counter-arguments pponent), and thus supports a hybrid of ABA and abstract argumentation beneficial to developing applications of argumentation where explicit justifications of claims in terms of full dialectical structures are required. We prove that the proposed variant of AB-dispute derivations is correct. . Abstract Argumentation, Assumption-based Argumentation, Computation
Dorian Gaertner, Francesca Toni
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Dorian Gaertner, Francesca Toni
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