Hybrid trust and reputation management for sensor networks

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Hybrid trust and reputation management for sensor networks
Wireless sensor networks are characterised by the distributed nature of their operation and the resource constraints on the nodes. Trust management schemes that are targeted at sensor networks need to be lightweight in terms of computational and communication requirements, yet powerful in terms of flexibility in managing trust between nodes of heterogeneous deployments. In this paper, we propose a trust management model that can uniformly support the needs of nodes with highly diverse network roles and capabilities, by exploiting the predeployment knowledge on the network topology and the information flows, and by allowing for flexibility in the trust establishment process. The model is hybrid, combining aspects from certificate-based and behaviour-based approaches on trust establishment on common evaluation processes and metrics. It enables controlled trust evolution based on network pre-configuration, and controlled trust revocation through the propagation of behaviour evaluatio...
Efthimia Aivaloglou, Stefanos Gritzalis
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Updated 31 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Efthimia Aivaloglou, Stefanos Gritzalis
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