HyperCheck: A Hardware-Assisted Integrity Monitor

8 years 9 months ago
HyperCheck: A Hardware-Assisted Integrity Monitor
Abstract. Over the past few years, virtualization has been employed to environments ranging from densely populated cloud computing clusters to home desktop computers. Security researchers embraced virtual machine monitors (VMMs) as a new mechanism to guarantee deep isolation of untrusted software components. Unfortunately, their widespread adoption promoted VMMs as a prime target for attackers. In this paper, we present HyperCheck, a hardware-assisted tampering detection framework designed to protect the integrity of VMMs and, for some classes of attacks, the underlying operating system (OS). HyperCheck leverages the CPU System Management Mode (SMM), present in x86 systems, to securely generate and transmit the full state of the protected machine to an external server. Using HyperCheck, we were able to ferret-out rootkits that targeted the integrity of both the Xen hypervisor and traditional OSes. Moreover, HyperCheck is robust against attacks that aim to disable or block its operation...
Jiang Wang, Angelos Stavrou, Anup K. Ghosh
Added 30 Jan 2011
Updated 30 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where RAID
Authors Jiang Wang, Angelos Stavrou, Anup K. Ghosh
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