Hyperspeech: Navigating in Speech-Only Hypermedia

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Hyperspeech: Navigating in Speech-Only Hypermedia
Most hypermedia systems emphasize the integration of graphics, images, video, and audio into a traditional hypertext framework. The hyperspeech system described in this paper, a speech-only hypermedia application, explores issues of navigation and system architecture in an audio environment without a visual display. The system under development uses speech recognition to maneuver in a database of digitally recorded speech segments; synthetic speech is used for control information and user feedback. In this research prototype, recorded audio interviews were segmented by topic, and hypertext-style links were added to connect logically related comments and ideas. The software architecture is data driven, with all knowledge embedded in the links and nodes, allowing the software that traverses through the network to be straightforward and concise. Several user interfaces were prototyped, emphasizing different styles of speech interaction and feedback between the user and machine. In additi...
Barry Arons
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Year 1991
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Authors Barry Arons
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