Iconic Techniques for Feature Visualization

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Iconic Techniques for Feature Visualization
This paper presents a conceptual framework and a process model for feature extraction and iconic visualization. Fearaction is viewed as a process of data abstraction, which can proceed in multiple stages and corresponding traction levels. The features are represented by attribute sets, which play a key role in the visualization process. Icons are symbolic parametric objects, designed as visual representations of features. The attributes are mapped to the parameters (or degrees of freedom) of an icon. We describe some generic techniques to generate attribute sets, such as volume integrals and medial axis transforms. A simple but powerful modeling language was developed to create icons, and to link the attributes to the icon parameters. We present illustrative examples of iconic visualization created with the techniques described, showing the effectiveness of this approach.
Frank J. Post, Theo van Walsum, Frits H. Post, Deb
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Type Conference
Year 1995
Authors Frank J. Post, Theo van Walsum, Frits H. Post, Deborah Silver
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