Ideas by Statistical Mechanics (ISM)

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Ideas by Statistical Mechanics (ISM)
Ideas by Statistical Mechanics (ISM) is a generic program to model evolution and propagation of ideas/patterns throughout populations subjected to endogenous and exogenous interactions. The program is based on the author's work in Statistical Mechanics of Neocortical Interactions (SMNI), and uses the author's Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) code for optimizations of training sets, as well as for importance-sampling to apply the author's copula financial risk-management codes, Trading in Risk Dimensions (TRD), for assessments of risk and uncertainty. This product can be used for decision support for projects ranging from diplomatic, information, military, and economic (DIME) factors of propagation/evolution of ideas, to commercial sales, trading indicators across sectors of financial markets, advertising and political campaigns, etc. It seems appropriate to base an approach for propagation of ideas on the only system so far demonstrated to develop and nurture ideas, i...
Lester Ingber
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Year 2006
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