Image based gisting in CLIR

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Image based gisting in CLIR
In this paper, we describe research which could lead to a novel approach to gathering an overview of a document in a foreign language. The research explores how much of the meaning of a document could be represented using images by researching the ability of subjects to derive the search term that might have been used to return a set of images from an image library. The Google image search engine was used to retrieve the images for this experiment, which uses English throughout. The results were analysed with respect to a previous paper [1] exploring ability to recognise concrete objects in hierarchies. It was found that there is a tendency to use one particular level of categorization. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval Information filtering, Query formulation, Relevance feedback, Retrieval models. General Terms Languages Keywords cross language information retrieval, gisting, images, basic level.
Mark Sanderson, Robert Pasley
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Mark Sanderson, Robert Pasley
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