Image fusion with the Hermite transform

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Image fusion with the Hermite transform
The Hermite Transform is an image representation model that incorporates some important properties of visual perception such as the analysis through overlapping receptive fields and the Gaussian derivative model of early vision. It also allows the construction of pyramidal mutirresolution analysis-synthesis schemes. We show how the Hermite Transform can be used to build image fusion schemes that take advantage of the fact that Gaussian derivatives are good operators for the detection of relevant image patterns at different spatial scales. These patterns are later combined in the transform coefficient domain. Applications of this fusion algorithm are found in medical imagery and remote sensing, name.
A. Lopez-Caloca, Boris Escalante-Ramírez
Added 24 Oct 2009
Updated 27 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where ICIP
Authors A. Lopez-Caloca, Boris Escalante-Ramírez
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