Image Registration of Sectioned Brains

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Image Registration of Sectioned Brains
The physical (microtomy), optical (microscopy), and radiologic (tomography) sectioning of biological objects and their digitization lead to stacks of images. Due to the sectioning process and disturbances, movement of objects during imaging for example, adjacent images of the image stack are not optimally aligned to each other. Such mismatches have to be corrected automatically by suitable registration methods. Here, a whole brain of a Sprague Dawley rat was serially sectioned and stained followed by digitizing the 20 μm thin histologic sections. We describe how to prepare the images for subsequent automatic intensity based registration. Different registration schemes are presented and their results compared to each other from an anatomical and mathematical perspective. In the first part we concentrate on rigid and affine linear methods and deal only with linear mismatches of the images. Digitized images of stained histologic sections often exhibit inhomogenities of the gray level d...
Oliver Schmitt, Jan Modersitzki, Stefan Heldmann,
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where IJCV
Authors Oliver Schmitt, Jan Modersitzki, Stefan Heldmann, Stefan Wirtz, Bernd Fischer
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