Image Segmentation Based on Height Maps

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Image Segmentation Based on Height Maps
Abstract. In this paper we introduce a new method for image segmentation. It is based on a height map generated from the input image. The height map characterizes the image content in such a way that the application of the watershed concept provides a proper segmentation of the image. The height map enables the watershed method to provide better segmentation results on difficult images, e.g., images of natural objects, than without the intermediate height map generation. Markers used for the watershed concept are generated automatically from the input data holding the advantage of a more autonomous segmentation. In addition, we introduce a new edge detector which has some advantages over the Canny edge detector. We demonstrate our methods by means of a number of segmentation examples. Key words: segmentation, edge detection, watershed, height maps
Gabriele Peters, Jochen Kerdels
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CAIP
Authors Gabriele Peters, Jochen Kerdels
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