Impedance-Acoustic Tomography

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Impedance-Acoustic Tomography
In this work we present a new hybrid imaging technique that combines electrical impedance tomography (EIT) with acoustic tomography. The novel technique makes use of the fact that the absorbed electrical energy inside the body raises its temperature, thus leading to expansion effects. The expansion then induces an acoustic wave which can be recorded outside the body and consequently be used to calculate the absorbed energy inside the body, from which the electrical conductivity can be reconstructed. In other words, we try to combine the high contrast of EIT with the high resolution of ultrasound. Key words. hybrid imagery, electrical impedance tomography (EIT), thermoacoustics AMS subject classifications. 47J06, 35R30, 65N21, 92C55 DOI. 10.1137/080715123
Bastian Gebauer, Otmar Scherzer
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors Bastian Gebauer, Otmar Scherzer
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