Implementing Learning Content Management

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Implementing Learning Content Management
: The concept of Learning Objects has been introduced in the e-learning field to enhance the accessibility, reusability, and interoperability of learning content. Despite intensive international standardization, learning content and its management still needs more detailed specifications for the implementation of a Learning Objects based system. This paper proposes strategies that a Learning Content Management System should support in order to enhance reusability of learning content: the use of small modular Learning Objects, a standard mechanism to embed multimedia, standardized structured content, cross-media publishing, centralized content management, workflow support, and internationalization. A Learning Object information model based on these strategies is presented, and a possible functional architecture of such a system is outlined.
Samuel Schluep, Pamela Ravasio, Sissel Guttormsen
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Samuel Schluep, Pamela Ravasio, Sissel Guttormsen Schär
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