The importance of anchor text for ad hoc search revisited

11 years 3 months ago
The importance of anchor text for ad hoc search revisited
It is generally believed that propagated anchor text is very important for effective Web search as offered by the commercial search engines. “Google Bombs” are a notable illustration of this. However, many years of TREC Web retrieval research failed to establish the effectiveness of link evidence for ad hoc retrieval on Web collections. The ultimate resolution to this dilemma was that typical Web search is very different from the traditional ad hoc methodology. So far, however, no one has established why link information, like incoming link degree or anchor text, does not help ad hoc retrieval effectiveness. Several possible explanations were given, including the collections being too small for anchors to be effective, and the density of the link graph being too low. The new TREC 2009 Web Track collection is substantially larger than previous collections and has a dense link graph. Our main finding is that propagated anchor text outperforms full-text retrieval in terms of early p...
Marijn Koolen, Jaap Kamps
Added 16 Aug 2010
Updated 16 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Marijn Koolen, Jaap Kamps
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