An Improved Internet Voting Protocol

8 years 5 months ago
An Improved Internet Voting Protocol
Norway is going to experience an Internet voting scheme in September 2011 for local governmental elections, targeting a comprehensive Internet voting system in 2017 for national election. This protocol is strong from several aspects. First of all, it resists against malicious voter’s computers. Namely, an honest voter will be aware of a malicious behavior caused by the computer during the entire voting procedure. However, the security of the protocol depends on the assumption that the players (organizations) are completely independent and reliable, and the receipt codes are sent to the voters securely. In this work, we take a closer look at the Internet voting protocol and investigate the followings: – The privacy of voters are compromised if there is a cooperation between the players Ballot Box (BB) and Receipt Generator (RG) since the private key of Decryption Service (DS) can be obtained by the two former players. To prevent this possible issue, we propose an improved protocol w...
Mehmet Sabir Kiraz, Süleyman Kardas, Muhammed
Added 23 Dec 2011
Updated 23 Dec 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where IACR
Authors Mehmet Sabir Kiraz, Süleyman Kardas, Muhammed Ali Bingöl, Fatih Birinci
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