Incremental action recognition using feature-tree

9 years 11 months ago
Incremental action recognition using feature-tree
Action recognition methods suffer from many drawbacks in practice, which include (1)the inability to cope with incremental recognition problems; (2)the requirement of an intensive training stage to obtain good performance; (3) the inability to recognize simultaneous multiple actions; and (4) difficulty in performing recognition frame by frame. In order to overcome all these drawbacks using a single method, we propose a novel framework involving the feature-tree to index large scale motion features using Sphere/Rectangle-tree (SR-tree). The recognition consists of the following two steps: 1) recognizing the local features by non-parametric nearest neighbor (NN), 2) using a simple voting strategy to label the action. The proposed method can provide the localization of the action. Since our method does not require feature quantization, the feature-tree can be efficiently grown by adding features from new training examples of actions or categories. Our method provides an effective way for...
Kishore K. Reddy, Jingen Liu, Mubarak Shah
Added 18 Feb 2011
Updated 13 Jul 2011
Type Journal
Year 2009
Where ICCV
Authors Kishore K. Reddy, Jingen Liu, Mubarak Shah
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