Incremental Finite-State Parsing

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Incremental Finite-State Parsing
This paper describes a new finite-state shallow parser. It merges constructive and reductionist approaches within a highly modular architecture. Syntactic information is added at the sentence level in an incremental way, depending on the contextual information available at a given stage. This approach overcomes the inefficiency of previous fully reductionist constraintbased systems, while maintaining broad coverage and linguistic granularity. The implementation relies on a sequence of networks built with the replace operator. Given the high level of modularity, the core grammar is easily augmented with corpusspecific sub-grammars. The current system is implemented for French and is being expanded to new languages. 1 Background Previous work in finite-state parsing at sentence level falls into two categories: the constructive approach or the reductionist approach. The origins of the constructive approach go back to the parser developed by Joshi (Joshi, 1996). It is based on a lexical d...
Salah Ait-Mokhtar, Jean-Pierre Chanod
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Where ANLP
Authors Salah Ait-Mokhtar, Jean-Pierre Chanod
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