Incremental Information Extraction Using Tree-Based Context Representations

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Incremental Information Extraction Using Tree-Based Context Representations
Abstract. The purpose of information extraction (IE) is to find desired pieces of information in natural language texts and store them in a form that is suitable for automatic processing. Providing annotated training data to adapt a trainable IE system to a new domain requires a considerable amount of work. To address this, we explore incremental learning. Here training documents are annotated sequentially by a user and immediately incorporated into the extraction model. Thus the system can support the user by proposing extractions based on the current extraction model, reducing the workload of the user over time. We introduce an approach to modeling IE as a token classification task that allows incremental training. To provide sufficient information to the token classifiers, we use rich, tree-based context representations of each token as feature vectors. These representations make use of the heuristically deduced document structure in addition to linguistic and semantic informatio...
Christian Siefkes
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Christian Siefkes
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