Incremental Parsing and Reason Maintenance

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Incremental Parsing and Reason Maintenance
The purpose of this paper is to compare different ways of adopting reason-maintenance techniques in incremental parsing (and interpretation). A reasonmaintenance system supports incremental tbrmation and revision of beliefs. By viewing the construction of partial analyses of a text as analogous to forming beliefs about the meanings of its parts, a relation between parsing and reason maintenance can be conceived. In line with this, reason maintenance can bc used for realizing a strong notion of incremental parsing, allowing for revisions of previous analyses. Moreover, an assumption-based reason-maintenance system (ATMS) can be used to support eftieicnt comparisons of (competing) interpretations. The paper argues for an approach which is an extension of chart parsing, but which also can be seen as a system consisting of an inference engine (the parser proper) coupled with a simplified ATMS. Background
Mats Wirén
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Year 1990
Authors Mats Wirén
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