Incremental sparse saliency detection

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Incremental sparse saliency detection
By the guidance of attention, human visual system is able to locate objects of interest in complex scene. We propose a new visual saliency detection model for both image and video. Inspired by biological vision, saliency is defined locally. Lossy compression is adopted, where the saliency of a location is measured by the Incremental Coding Length(ICL). The ICL is computed by presenting the center patch as the sparsest linear representation of its surroundings. The final saliency map is generated by accumulating the coding length. The model is tested on both images and videos. The results indicate a reliable and robust saliency of our method.
Yin Li, Yue Zhou, Lei Xu, Xiaochao Yang, Jie Yang
Added 19 Feb 2011
Updated 19 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2009
Where ICIP
Authors Yin Li, Yue Zhou, Lei Xu, Xiaochao Yang, Jie Yang
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