Indexing Mixed Types for Approximate Retrieval

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Indexing Mixed Types for Approximate Retrieval
In various applications such as data cleansing, being able to retrieve categorical or numerical attributes based on notions of approximate match (e.g., edit distance, numerical distance) is of profound importance. Commonly, approximate match predicates are specified on combinations of attributes in conjunction. Existing database techniques for approximate retrieval, however, limit their applicability to single attribute retrieval through B-trees and their variants. In this paper, we propose a methodology that utilizes known multidimensional indexing structures for the problem of approximate multi-attribute retrieval. Our method enables indexing of a collection of string and/or numeric attributes to facilitate approximate retrieval using edit distance as an approximate match predicate for strings and numeric distance for numeric attributes. The approach presented is based on representing sets of strings at higher levels of the index structure as tries suitably compressed in a way that...
Liang Jin, Nick Koudas, Chen Li, Anthony K. H. Tun
Added 28 Jun 2010
Updated 28 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where VLDB
Authors Liang Jin, Nick Koudas, Chen Li, Anthony K. H. Tung
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